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There are countless Balkan countries where you can go with reasonable prices without any visa requirements! You can start discovering unique Balkan culture with Ete Yachting and its yacht charter trips. But there is one thing that makes Montenegro, which is the paradise of the Balkans, it is both cheap and visa-free, and a paradise for adventurers!

What to see?

The capital of Stara Varos in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, attracts so many tourists with its fascinating mosques. Afterwards, Petrovic Palace is enchanting everyone with its wonderful exhibitions. With motor yachts or catamarans you can easily discover the islands and best beaches, bays of the country.

Durmitor National Park: It is completely different by the glaciers in the mountains, is one of the most striking natural reserves of Europe. Located in the northwest of Montenegro, Durmitor has a fascinating landscape and covers more than 32,000 hectares. Rafting in the clear blue waters of the park, which hosts the deepest canyon in Europe, you can take a boat trip on the wild Tara River. After Durmitor National park trip you can have fun with Montenegro yacht charter.

Cetinje: Located on the slopes of Lovcen Mountain, is an enormous historical heritage town founded in the 15th century. You must visit all the monasteries in Cetinje which are of great importance for architecture and religion.

Skadar Lake: It is only 7 km away from the Adriatic coast, but the largest natural water body in the Balkan Peninsula. One-third of the lake is surrounded by mountains and neighboring country is Albania. Considering the whole of Montenegro, it is estimated that there are more than 270 different bird species, including the richest and threatened species of this region, the flora and fauna.

What to do?

Tourism is an important sector in Montenegro because of its activities such as skiing, windsurfing, diving, climbing and cycling. Montenegro's nature scenes, fascinating historical buildings and cheap sports activities will make you fall in love with Montenegro.

  • Gullet, catamaran or luxury yacht charter
  • Skiing
  • Climbing
  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Cycling

What to eat?

Although the food culture in Montenegro varies from region to region, it is generally similar to Mediterranean cuisine. Montenegrin cuisine mostly consists of fish and meat species. Here, as in Turkey, pastry dishes are highly preferred. Rastan cabbage, which is indispensable for Montenegrin cuisine, is made of handmade sausage and mutton. One of the most delicious dishes of this cuisine is the Kaçamak. You will have a taste of local potato and cheese mixtures. If you would like to experience traditional Montenegro dishes you can go to the Galion Restaurant in Kotor.



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